The top panel is conventional, with a large Shutter button ringed by a Zoom lever. It pops up from the left side, so it’s easily blocked by fingers when it rises and then leaves you little room to grip the camera once it’s up. See all user reviews. Not only does the Coolpix S slip easily into a standard shirt pocket or a small purse, but it carries nicely when gripped loosely in the palm of the hand with the wrist strap looped around the right hand. Nikon Coolpix S Bronze This digital camera also features 4x anti-blur, which will automatically counter blurred images in four different ways. But I found standard Auto on the Coolpix S was able to handle them just fine.

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That was no aberration. Nikon Coolpix A In this case, the Coolpix S was just more responsive than I was used to. S000 Nikon S is a very capable and very slim camera. In addition, the Subject Tracking scene nikon coolpix s8000 detects, tracks, and focuses on the main subject, making it easier to capture moving subjects successfully.

This is not Mary, BTW. A trip to the carnival by our senior editor netted some different results, however, with the camera often refusing to take a shot at all when it couldn’t cool;ix focus on a child in a moving ride.

Shooting, Movie, and Setup. And just to make it up to her, I also left Skin Smoothing on. On the top panel.

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The Movie mode button functions like a camcorder Record button, nkion starting or stopping video capture. There’s some smart stuff happening with this model.

Smart portrait system Advanced automatic features for perfect portraits. On the back, the recessed speaker grill also functions as a thumb grip. The standard continuous mode offer nikon coolpix s8000 1fps, which is below average for this class of camera.

Nikon Coolpix S8000

Compact cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix S are great for using with accessories, including additional lenses and other heavy accessory add-on items since the weight of the camera itself is only approximately 6. The Kodak captured what you would call a technically correct exposure the shadows were lighter but one that completely missed the nikon coolpix s8000.

Similar to the S but smaller lighter larger sensor cheaper But Nikon coolpix s8000 the end, he resorted to using the Nikon S’s video mode for most of the rest of the evening. The Coolpix S includes lens-based optical image stabilization, useful for fighting blur from camera shake.

All of the scenes are standards like Portrait and Landscape, and there nikon coolpix s8000 a Panorama Assist for lining up a series of shots that can be stitched together with the bundled software.

The Nikon Coolpix S is a pocket long zoom digital camera with a S8000 a bit low for a megapixel camera, and there are obvious sharpening artifacts. Nikon Coolpix AW I nikoh this camera; this is my 2nd one. nikon coolpix s8000


Nikon COOLPIX S MP Digital Camera – Black | eBay

When you press the Shooting or Still mode button, you can s800 between four further options displayed nikon coolpix s8000 the LCD: Part of the job, after all. Could the Coolpix S capture her smile?

Saturation also takes a noticeable hit at ISO 3, Top Nikon Cameras Nikon D I like a nikon coolpix s8000 heft to stabilize the camera when I press the Shutter button and the Coolpix S provided just that and no more.

The Nikon 8s000 arrow buttons play major roles, too. The lens dominates the front of the S and has an attractive rounded appearance nikon coolpix s8000 helps distinguish it from rival models, as does the neat pop-flash which automatically appears whenever a flash mode is selected. That’s certainly helped by the S’s lightening fast reflexes. Start-up time is almost instant, with the camera ready to go in less than half a second.

Still, when it nikon coolpix s8000 to capturing action, nikon coolpix s8000 got the impression that nkion Nikon S just wasn’t up to it. Corners are softer, with the upper left corner being the softest.