Details were sharp and clear in most cases, with minor blurring in the corners of the frame in a few shots. Control placement was good, I liked the Nikon S’s new design of the top shutter and power buttons with their tapered edges, and the rear buttons gave a nice, firm click when pressed. With its tiny size and useful features, the Nikon Coolpix S is a well-rounded trim-compact digital camera. The rectangular metal body of the S has gently rounded edges and a subtle contour on the back of its otherwise standard shape. There are also several color options including the unique Pastel Mode which creates a soft, impressionistic image when enabled.

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Nikon Coolpix S Digital Photography Review

The camera then tracks and focuses on that moving subject as you shoot for faster, more reassuring operation with clearer results. The only other door on the camera is to cover the USB port and nikon coolpix s600 on the right side of the camera towards the shoulder.

The Nikon Coolpix S keeps exposure under automatic control, and really only offers one standard Program Nikon coolpix s600 still photography mode. Active Child mode joins the lineup of 14 different scene modes and three movie modes tuned to produce the best results to match the moment.

I took several shots and all came out around the 0.

Is this the beginning of the end for the F mount? It’s a shame that the camera then needs another second to settle itself and be ready to shoot. You can start composing a shot quickly with nikon coolpix s600 S, but then you have to wait before you can take the nikon coolpix s600.


The Coolpix S had a lot of trouble with certain types of detail, ss600 low-contrast detail, as in the crop above.

Nikon Coolpix S600 Review

Flash performance nikon coolpix s600 the S was good, with the flash being ready to fire again in good lighting conditions as soon as the camera could take another shot and had acquired focus — in the vicinity of 3 seconds.

Focus acquisition times ran about.

w600 The Coolpix S has Face-Priority technology for better results in both focus and exposure when shooting portraits. Nikon rates the S battery for about shots.

So, while you cannot directly control the Nikon S’s exposure, at least you have some idea of what the camera is doing. Overall timings were good niokn just a little slower than average, depending on the nikon coolpix s600 task. To combat minor blurring from slight camera movement, Nikon included Optical VR Vibration Reduction image stabilization technology, which is a true lens-shift design in still photography mode.

Nikon coolpix s600, pocketable size 28mm, 4x zoom lens nikon coolpix s600 a wider view Good macro mode Good corner sharpness Good viewfinder accuracy Large selection of preset shooting modes Very good overall color and exposure Large 2. The S looks nice from the front with the small lens sat down in the bottom right corner and a tiny slit of a flash right at the top.

Nikon Coolpix S600

Thus, we always recommend picking up an additional battery and keeping it freshly-charged and on-hand for longer nikon coolpix s600. You can change your settings at any time.

The SDHC logo is a trademark. Nkion response and autofocus speeds are also quick and responsive, ensuring that the camera is always ready to go.

We use cookies and coolpid similar technologies Cookies d600 enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads. The Power and Shutter buttons are well-placed on the top panel, and the rest of the controls neatly arranged on the rear panel. The screen is really bright and suffers from no motion blur. Two or nimon tenths of a second sounds pretty good until you compare to other cameras that have a lag less than a tenth of a second.

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It’s also claimed to be one of the fastest cameras in its class, though we haven’t tested this nion, as usual, take this with a healthy pinch of salt. Control layout is simple and nikon coolpix s600 quickly intuitive, with all controls residing along the right rear nikon coolpix s600 the camera body or on the top.

With its Face-Priority AF mode, adjustable metering, white balance, color and useful post-capture tools, the Nikon S has some good features nikon coolpix s600 travelers and family photographers, whether novices or advanced amateurs. Matrix worked well across a range of lighting conditions. Create a free account to like this page.

Nikon | News | Digital Compact Camera Nikon COOLPIX S

Nikon S Review Tweet Share. Surely then the back will be bristling with buttons, switches levers and pulleys? Shooting mode is the S6600 S’s Program AE option, which provides a few nikon coolpix s600 options for the user’s control, but keeps aperture and shutter nikon coolpix s600 under automatic control.

We couldn’t find the price for this product. Improved Face-Priority AF The Nikon Face-Priority AF system automatically detects and achieves sharp focus on people’s faces wherever they are in the frame for crisp, sharp portraits – and now it focuses on faces faster than ever.