You should switch the device off when it is not in use. It is difficult to diagnose this remotely, but: A blank map canvas appears. Use ArcCatalog to check. All your data has to have the same spatial reference system, e. The width of the map was only 19m.

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Do you have any ideas please. Then create a folder with your name on the card, e. Switch the unit on by pressing the power key mobilemapper 6 the top right. Changing batteries does not mobilemapper 6 your data.

In addition, unlike PDA devices, the MobileMapper 6 is highly rugged for rough-and-tumble business applications. You can set a custom coordinate system when creating a layer. You are commenting using mobilemapper 6 Twitter account.

The MobileMapper 6 comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile version 6, along with a touch-screen and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The mobilemapper 6 way was creating mobilemapper 6 shapefiles on mobilemapper 6 mapper 6 with world coordinates and British National grid. The satellite signal does not depend on the country setting, so it should always be detected automatically even without country settings. Batteries Check the battery status on the top right of the screen.

Check device settings Check the following settings and potentially adapt them to your requirements: Note that your map is saved automatically.


Ashtech MobileMapper 6 Survey GIS Receiver

However when adding this mobllemapper base to ArkMap a message was displayed. Prepare your data With the MobileMapper you can not only determine your location, but you also can create and edit GIS data in the field. This data can be mobilemapper 6 but not mobilemapper 6. All your data has to have the same spatial reference system, e.

It is expected to particularly appeal to forestry mobilemapper 6 other natural resource organisations, oil and gas, agriculture, utilities, government agencies, and businesses large mobilemapper 6 small that need a highly-rugged, robust GIS unit that can collect geographic data with metre accuracy in real-time with Mobilemapper 6 corrections. You are commenting using your WordPress. In the Logging tab: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log mohilemapper I have followed the guide lines in part 1 to 3 but when importing the shape file it is displayed but not in the area of the map.

Magellan MobileMapper 6 GPS – Part 1

To find out more, including how to control cookies, mobilemapper 6 here: The next time you start the mapping software it will automatically load the latest map. The measuring tool is telling me there mobllemapper a distance of 49m from the shape file to the point of the real location of the shape file, but between the mobilemapper 6 shapefile groups I created there was a distances of over m. Mobilemapper 6 the DGP S tab: Previous post Site licensed software.


You have to zoom out and then you will come across the shape and it tends to be to the right. It collects data with m real time accuracy, which mobilemapper 6 be improved to m with post-processing.

Magellan MobileMapper 6 – GPS Navigator | eBay

Tap the symbol with the stylus for a detailed battery status. It fills a market gap in the data collection field between high-cost devices and mobilemapper 6 products. Hello Karl, thank you for your reply.

Full batteries should last for about a day of continuous operation. And for getting the signal is it necessary to fix mobilemapper 6 country setting first or it could be connected without country setting?

I shall try as you said, hope it will work I loaded this map up so I could work out the distances in question 1. It mobilemapper 6 includes a built-in microphone to mobulemapper and mobilemapper 6 voice notes to enrich the collected data.