According to me- PROS: Kudos to Genius on this! Also, the whole hassle of enabling scrolling on two axes is solved instantly with an optical sensor. But, the touch scroll panel is very uncomfortable even after months of usage. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Watch us on Youtube.

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The laser motion tracking is equally sensitive, offering either or DPI. Because the idea behind the OptoWheel technology is so simple and obvious that it doesn’t take a genius pun intended to invent it so we found it hard to believe no one had done it before, including ourselves.

Laser sensor’s sense is very good New optoWheel is really very good im loving it. Scroll “wheel” not work well. Laser-motion works on a wide variety of surfaces, which is handy if you often find yourself working in multiple locations. Have doubts regarding this product?

Genius is really genius. It is very genuine product and very effective while working. News Reviews Insights TechRadar.

Watch us on Youtube. The form has remained more or less the same due to the ergonomics of our hands traveler the underlying technology has only gotten better, with the new laser technology able to work flawlessly on translucent or travel,er transparent surfaces, one of the shortcomings of the optical mice. This sensor is capable of both vertical and horizontal scrolling, and after getting used to the loss of tactile feedback from a mechanical wheel, it becomes second nature to scroll smoothly through pages and documents in four directions.


Kudos to Genius on this!

Genius Traveler 355 Laser – mouse – USB

To switch from one mode to another, one is required to hold down the middle, left and right keys together for at least three seconds.

We are all used to having an optical sensor at the bottom of the mouse to track our movements so why not have it at the top, replacing the usual scroll wheel to track the scrolling movement? Model Name Traveler Laser.

Our Verdict A great step forward for the mouse, once you get used to it. Horizontal or vertical scroll does not matter as both can be tracked. But, the touch scroll panel is very uncomfortable even after months of usage. Certified BuyerRaipur. The traditional central scroll wheel is replaced with an optical sensor that responds to movements of your finger.

The features mentioned are applicable and very easy to handle. This is definitely one of those times when we wished we had thought of something first.

However, regardless of optical or laser, there is still a mechanical element due to the presence of the scroll wheel besides the buttons on the mice of course.

Certified BuyerHyderabad. Genius has done the impossible with the Traveller One of the advantages of having such an optical scroll wheel is the removal of any moving parts on the mouse, making it even quieter than before. The DPI mode switching’s lack of feedback remains a rather big flaw that we hope would be corrected in a future revision. Follow us on Twitter.


Upside Down Optical Mouse This is definitely one of those times when we wished we had thought of something first.

Genius Traveller Laser | TechRadar

There’s also a Turbo Scroll feature where a quick flick of the finger upwards or downwards will scroll through the entire page almost instantly and it does so at a decently fast pace that you can tarveller track what’s scrolling by. In any case, the DPI mode does seem a bit redundant on this Traveler mouse, as like its name suggests, this is a portable mouse aimed at notebook users.

Henceforth I do recommend this product to all the members working on systems. On the bottom of Genius Traveler Laser Mouse is the advanced laser technology that makes this mouse work reliably on most types of surfaces and offers much higher tracking power than regular optical mice. Jinesh J Certified Buyer 19 Jun,