Never did get it to work in 10 so I put together a different PC with 7 and found some drivers, not from Leadtek, that work, but make the tuner appear to be for some other non-US region. If there are initialization problems, they occur outside of the btaudio driver. The functions it supports are all integrated into the BT87x; all that is required is that the analog audio from the tuner is connected to the analog audio in on the chip, which in most cases it will be. Petr Vandrovec describes a case where a bt card fails to work with the btaudio driver unless it is first initialized by a Win98 driver:. Digital audio won’t work in the majority of cases because there is no external digital audio source to drive it. It only does a few things, roughly something like:.

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bt video capture in Win 10 x64? – Windows 10 Forums

The video capture one gives me the can’t start error 10 error. The time now is Error 10, Windows doesn’t know what’s wrong, or if it does know, it’s not telling. For example, the box labeled model may ahdio one of these:.

There are already Aver card-specific audio initialisation functions in the bttv driver to handle this case — Petr himself wrote them.

MEDIA – Conexant Systems – Bt878 TV Card – Audio Computer Driver Updates

You need to inspect your card to see how the card manufacturer has used these pins:. What would be most wonderful is if someone could update this open source bt capture driver.


On the datasheet, the relevant pins are 94, 98, and DScaler can access the input, despite the installed driver not working. Forum Windows 10 Forums Drivers and Hardware.

Windows 10 Pro CPU: While a digital signal processor such as bt88 MSP34xx is required for btaudio’s digital mode, any bt87x card has the required hardware to work with btaudio’s analog mode. It only does a few things, roughly something like:. The other is a switch for a single stage 6dB preamp boost for the audio signal.

If your tv audio works more or less on boot, please add a page about it and any kernel options required to get it going to the wiki. The following information is assembled largely from David Martin’s informative posts to the v4l mailing list in April New 26 Dec 4.

Some cards are reported to work, but the quality is poor; there may be individual differences within a model series.

I have seen at least one card where aueio switcher IC routes both audio and video, b8t78 with the audio output from the switch only going to the external audio out, so you can use btaudio for the TV tuner, but not for the external audio input.

The wiring varies; the sound can come through on different lines cf. New 26 Dec 5. If there are initialization problems, they occur outside of the btaudio driver. Intel Core i7 2. The digital mode requires an additional digital audio source, such as the MSP34xx, which not all cards have.

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MEDIA – Conexant – Conexant BT878 Audio Capture Computer Driver Updates

You can download the Vista 64bit driver here: Those are generally controlled control meaning mode and input selection via i2c using the tvaudio driver. As a result the btaudio driver is almost entirely card agnostic. I got an entry for Bt based video capture, and one for Bt based video capture unused audio.

In some cases cards have multiple signal sources a tuner and an external composite video and audio input pair, for example.

DriverMax – MEDIA – Conexant – Conexant BT Audio Capture Computer Driver Updates

In some cases, the manufacturer elected not to connect the TV tuner analogue audio out to one of the two ADC analogue inputs, which means you’ll get no sound from btaudio.

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Rather annoying when capture software falsely claims old home videos are “copy protected”. Run it in compatibility mode for Vista. New 22 Dec 1.