So the facts on chipset difference and PA differences in quality are facts, so it’s entirely incorrect to assert painting a picture of or assume that an b chipped device equals, or alternatively even surpasses as a ridiculous assumption an L not least an ALFA variant of L in performance, it doesn’t, because the truth is it’s just not possible nor realistic given the comparable chipset specifications, and to add on top of that, the differences in the quality of power amps inside, since the chipset alone whilst less sensitive only tells one half of the story as to what kind of overall quality your going to be getting in the finished article of the ALFA clone pidgeons the world and his brother are making, and chucking out at all the unsuspecting folks that simply don’t know any better. You must log in or sign up to post here. A usb port is supposed to deliver mW but many do’t. User Name Remember Me? Just do the same as you did in XP.

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Useful though for x2 ALFA’s “doctored” and distanced apart on an adhoc network where then both of them can “shout” all they like at each other. The time now is A usb port is supposed to deliver mW but many do’t.

Power is not the be and end all of assessing adapter quality. Refitting a Compass For Xp I knew how to increase, but i didnt know how to do that in windows 7 i google but I could not find anything.


I ;ower downloading the driver that Hop posted.

It just disconnects itself once every few days requiring a reset which is probably a driver issue that will never be fixed. In near future i plan to replace my adapter, which adapter do you suggest me It’s possible to have higher penetration with more input power, but sometimes you have a more stable connection with lower power, so it’s a double sided coin.


How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7

Marine Electronics for Dummies. My Alpha hi power usb wi-fi has died. When it does connect, it registers a speed of 54Mbps at first, but the rate drops to 1Mbps when something is actually downloaded.

It probably doesn’t need one or doesn’t matter, but it’s better than risking blowing motherboard USB polyfuses if I’m wrong. Rokland is a well established company awjs036h has no reason to fabricate results about the Alfa which itself is a proven product in the wireless community.

It’s crap, although I have discovered a way to con it into giving me a real unfaked 24dbm in Windows whatever the conrrol.

Soldier requests some help with Alfa AWUSH wireless adapter – Windows 7 Help Forums

Whatever rocks your boat, and keeps you happy. I haven’t a clue to the difference. No point having a big mouth and small ears. Blue versus red light for You’ll have to have a play around with it and see if it all behaves the same as RTLL. I’ll see if I can rig something specific up for the b in next days or so and post a link to some custom drivers made for exactly this purpose, whether installed on XP, Vista or 7.


In any event, It is a completely conntrol chipset with a different driver package.

But being a fake I think you’ll discover that it’s pretty generic chicken brand stuff what all the others floating around use, my Kasens G included.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. BB code is On. Excellent Good Average Bad Terrible. Or you could just eventually end up buying them all so you have multiple choices like me because no 2 act the same. Switch to Threaded Mode. Uninstall MPK and re-install driver. awys036h

I am having the same issue with both drivers. With those kind of environments, the connection speed controll the clones will sink like a stone, before fading into to nothing after some minutes at any significant measurable distance.

Windows 7 Ult, Windows 8. It is very deceiving. I posted contrkl some help. The only thing that’s not fit to me is that i have to setting CCX after each reboot, like you said.

In an environment where the b would detect around 9 AP’s, the L will detect comparably 16 instead.